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About Kyle


Kyle is a culture management consultant and author of "Engagement: The Path to a Better You". His frequent employee engagement content has amassed him a following 21K LinkedIn followers in the HR space. He is a talented speaker, writer and has a passion for employee engagement and workplace culture.

His Core Values:

• Lead with love and humility, never taking anything or anyone for granted.
• Be authentic and transparent in everything you say and do, regardless of circumstance.
• Enjoy the process of getting better, even when the road gets bumpy.
• Work as hard as you possibly can, with critical thinking and discernment as your guide posts.
• Give and receive with grace.

The Recruiting Process


This video kicks off Kyle Crooke's series on engagement through the recruiting process. This video discusses the initial outreach of HR professionals to candidates to join their organization.


Employee engagement starts with the interview! Make sure that you are asking quality questions and getting to know the person across the table. You are not hiring a number, you are hiring a person.


Now that you have hired someone, you need to onboard them and welcome them to the team. Your company can only make a first impression once so make sure you showcase your engaged workplace culture as they come aboard!



This last video in the recruiting series discusses how to identify and promote key employees in your organization. Promotions engage your employees and makes sure that they remain invested in the corporate mission and core values of the organization.

Work From Home Series

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