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Small Wonders

Celebratory, keepsake gifts for employees
who are expecting a baby!

A Lasting Message


with Your Logo

Celebrate New Additions!

Add an embroidered blanket, bib and onesies and throw an office baby shower!

Cherish the precious moments and milestones of your child's first five years with Small Wonders, the ultimate baby journal and keepsake box designed to bring parents and their little ones closer together. This gender-neutral baby journal is the perfect way for companies to celebrate their employees' growing families, fostering employee engagement and creating a warm, supportive work environment.

Beautifully crafted, Small Wonders is presented in an elegant white keepsake box, designed to securely store not only the baby journal, but also treasured mementos like baby shoes, blankets, or rattles. This deep, spacious box is perfect for safeguarding those cherished memories that you'll want to hold onto for a lifetime.

Upon opening the keepsake box, you'll be greeted by a custom-printed insert, featuring a heartwarming congratulatory message and your company's logo. This personalized touch is a lovely reminder of the support and encouragement provided by your workplace community as you embark on the exciting journey of parenthood.

Keepsake Box: A timeless, white keepsake box elegantly crafted to hold cherished memories and mementos, offering a tangible reminder of your company's excitement during this most joyous time.

The Classic: A luxurious velveteen pouch, soft to the touch and perfect for safeguarding precious tokens, showcasing your company's excitement, while being budget friendly.

All options come complete with a customized insert and card, adorned with your company logo.

Brandon L

Strata Clean Energy has been using Milestones for the past few years and has been more than satisfied. We are always being taking care of, in the most respectful way possible, and our employee's have nothing but warm, cheerful hearts when receiving baby boxes. The amount of love and appreciation from families brings the team happiness. All thanks to Milestones!


Lucy K

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the thoughtful baby box gift from my employer. It is a heartwarming gesture that shows how much they care about my well-being. I am excited to use these items for the upcoming arrival of my little one."


Lena C

"Receiving the baby box gift from my employer was such a heartwarming surprise. The items inside are not only practical but also a beautiul symbol of their support during this special time in my life. It's gestures like these that make me poud to be a part of my company."



A Lasting Impact

When you choose Small Wonders, you're not just investing in a baby journal – you're fostering a positive, family-friendly workplace culture that supports and nurtures your employees as they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood. Celebrate your employees' new additions with Small Wonders, and watch as your workplace community grows stronger and more connected than ever before.

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