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Elevate Your Employee Recognition

Don't Just Recognize Their Work. Recognize Their Lives.

For Their Professional Life

Service Awards, Anniversary and Retirement Gifts, etc...

For Their Personal Life

New Baby, Birthday, Sympathy, etc...

Lower Turnover. Increase Engagement.

An engaged workforce stays. They are more productive and become a positive force on the workplace. Improve your culture and increase your retention by making your employees feel a sense of belonging.

High Quality. Lasting. Tangible.

Our products are lasting keepsakes made of high quality materials. See how we can improve engagement in your company by requesting a sample to review for your company.

Top Product Lines


Small Wonders offers parents a place to record their first impressions of pregnancy, how they shared the news, details of the baby shower, their thoughts on choosing a name, their growing family tree and much more.


Beyond This Day affirms to the employee and their family that they are not alone in their grief. The simple act of sharing a keepsake gift from your company to help them remember the life that was lost is an enormous comfort to those who receive it.


The Executive allows your company to send a truly meaningful and not-to-be-forgotten message of appreciation for the years of dedicated service. This high quality retirement chest will leave a lasting impression on your employee and on all who see it.

Recognition Awards


Our programs are suitable for companies of any size. But they make the company feel smaller and more connected.

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Customer Testimonials

"I have been using Milestones Company for over 10+ years now. I first discovered them while working in HR for a Fortune 500 company under the Beyond This Day Brand. I have since brought them to my new employer. The reaction from these books is something money can not buy. They help boost company culture and employee retention. I can not recommend them enough."

-Tyler F

"The Customer Service that Milestones provides is a great help. They offer quality products & allow companies to meet their employees where they are in a difficult time. It's a unique product you can't find anywhere else."

-Cindy B

"I personally received a Milestones gift from a colleague 4+ years ago when I lost my father. I was so touched by the uniqueness & quality of that gift. It contained a memory book and I still refer back to it. When I came upon future events with colleagues or co-workers whether to celebrate a birth, promotion, offer comfort during a loss, etc. I reach out to Milestones to help me give a special memorable gift that last."

-Rachel L

"We have purchased the boxes for our retirees for a couple years now. They love them!. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Highly recommend their products."

-Debby B

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