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About Us

Milestones Company

Milestones is a Life Events company that is dedicated to helping employers effectively engage and recognize their employees. Our products help send an appropriate message of support when an employee suffers a loss of a loved one. When they are welcoming a new child into their family. When they are celebrating a work anniversary or reaching retirement after a successful carrier.
These gifts send a lasting message that emboldens the relationship between employer and employee while fostering a culture of support throughout the organization. Within our sympathy, birth and retirement gifts your company logo and personalized inscription are printed on the accompanying insert and card reminding the recipient that their coworkers were there for them when it mattered most. Our work anniversary gifts are full customizable and will leave a lasting impression of this milestone.

Beyond This Day
Our sympathy program centers around Beyond This Day a memorial keepsake which is a gift for those who have lost a loved one. This program consists of a bereavement volume packaging in 1 of 3 distinct presentation chests that offers comfort and counsel for the bereaved.
Small Wonders
Cherish the precious moments and milestones of your child's first five years with Small Wonders, the ultimate baby journal and keepsake box designed to bring parents and their little ones closer together. This gender-neutral baby journal is the perfect way for companies to celebrate their employees' growing families, fostering employee engagement and creating a warm, supportive work environment.

Beautifully crafted, Small Wonders is presented in an elegant white keepsake box, designed to securely store not only the baby journal, but also treasured mementos like baby shoes, blankets, or rattles. This deep, spacious box is perfect for safeguarding those cherished memories that you'll want to hold onto for a lifetime.

Upon opening the keepsake box, you'll be greeted by a custom-printed insert, featuring a heartwarming congratulatory message and your company's logo. This personalized touch is a lovely reminder of the support and encouragement provided by your workplace community as you embark on the exciting journey of parenthood.
The Esteem Series
The Esteem Series is a one of a kind gift for employee’s who are retiring We are offering 2 distinctly different chest designs from which you may choose. The Eminence Design and the Stature Design. Each of the designs offers both a large and small version. There are many different options and variations to help you customize your chests to fit your needs.
1. Milestones helps companies and organizations to send a caring and lasting message to their employees during major life events.
2. A message received and appreciated by many.
3. A message that reminds the employee and their family that they are cared for and that they are not alone in the journey of life.
4. A message shared, when it matters most…Milestones!

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