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Beyond This Day

Sympathy and comfort for employees
who have lost a loved one.

A Lasting Message


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Unique. Lasting. Impactful.

Introducing Beyond This Day, the perfect corporate sympathy gift designed to provide support and comfort to employees experiencing the loss of a loved one. Our thoughtfully curated collection offers five unique options, each crafted to convey your company's heartfelt condolences and demonstrate your care and understanding during difficult times.

The Beyond This Day gift set includes a comprehensive grief resource book, a keepsake chest or pouch, and a customized insert and card featuring your company logo, all working together to create a meaningful and lasting impression.

The Legacy: A timeless, wooden chest elegantly crafted to hold cherished memories and mementos, offering solace and a tangible reminder of your company's support during the grieving process.

The Signature: A sophisticated leatherette chest, combining durability and elegance, designed to house sentimental items and provide a lasting tribute to your employee's loved one.

The Premium: A stylish corrugate box, expertly constructed to protect and store valuable keepsakes, while displaying your company's commitment to empathy and compassion.

The Classic: A luxurious velveteen pouch, soft to the touch and perfect for safeguarding precious tokens, showcasing your company's sensitivity and respect for your employee's loss.

All options come complete with a customized insert and card, adorned with your company logo.

Emily Marie C

Our company's employees and families have been so appreciative of the condolence memory boxes. We began providing these boxes instead of flowers more than three years ago and the response has been very positive.


Olivia B

Our company presents bereavement keepsakes boxes/remembrance boxes to our associates to remember their departed loved one(s). For 14 years, Milestones has been our go-to-company for ordering the Beyond This Day Signature Bereavement keepsake boxes.


Rachel P

Our associates call them memory boxes so they can remember their departed loved ones and they appreciate them so much. We do a few things for our associates that have lost loved ones, they may not want some of the items that we provide for them BUT they always request their "memory boxes".

A Lasting Impact

Our program affirms to the employee and their family that they are not alone in their grief. The simple act of sharing a keepsake gift from your company to help them remember the life that was lost is an enormous comfort to those who receive it. Flowers are nice but they are here today and gone tomorrow. Beyond This Day not only reminds the employee that your company truly cares, but conveys a message of personal concern to the entire family.

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Part One


In this section the family is invited to remember their loved one in special ways. A record of the funeral service, a place for a photograph of the deceased, "Family Register", and "Times to Remember" allow the family to record those personal memories of their loved one as it relates to the family.

Part Two

A Time To Mourn

Beyond This Day adresses the varying degrees of grief and the depth of emotions surrounding the loss. This section addresses the emotions: shock, emotional avoidance, having to face the pain, search for answers, dealing with fear and the sorrow, carrrying guilt and loneliness. The emotions are explained in the light of hope and gratitude for the lives we shared together.
Part Three

Seasons of Feeling

A full year of aftercare and focus on each month with positive meditations and affirmations to help the family move through their grief. There is an emphasis on the special occasions of birhtdays, holidays, and anniversaries that can often bring the sadness and sorrow surrounding the loss into profound focus.
Part Four

The Way Of Hope

In the last section, Beyond This Day acts as a functional resource for the family. There are key responsibilities and obligations that require our attention when a family member is gone. We provide heplful discussions on what to do immediately, what must be done in the days and weeks following the funeral, along with helpful books and websites that offer assistance in a variety of ways.

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