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Qualities of a Good Job Candidate

By: The Milestones Content Team

For anyone who has had the experience of hiring or it is the first time, it is usually fairly easy to judge a good candidate, sometimes exceptional, to the ordinary and sometimes really bad! But as the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” The thing to consider when scouting for a good job candidate is a perfect integration of how well they qualify for the position and a unique personality. Sometimes simplicity is the best approach to the seemingly difficult or challenging things in life.

During an interview process, most organizations may have a detailed description about the company, which is always the best approach. Other companies fail on this part and can be very vague, which leaves the candidate either in the deep end and swimming for dear life or fishing for information in the wrong places, which in turn may be misleading and detrimental not only to the candidate but to the organization itself.

Keeping in mind that preparing for a job interview can be a daunting process for anyone, some of the following are traits of a good candidate which will not be applicable to the latter:

  1. A good candidate will arrive ahead of time, be well presented with an updated detailed resume in hand and prepared with a little background history of the company.
  2. They must be well conversant, even better, an expert in their field of choice and if possible they must hold and exceed the expected years of experience, demonstrate credibility, present other intellectual achievements and an up-to-date adaptability to the changing technology.
  3. They will be pleasant to converse with and be able to display a natural fun and serious This will help the employer know if they will fit in with the culture and environment of the workplace.
  4. They must have a team player attitude and a dedication of going above and beyond the call of duty which isn’t demanded but expected and appreciated by all employers. They can expound on this by telling a story(s) of how they have demonstrated the above in their previous jobs.
  5. They need to show that they can contribute other elements of themselves to the company in terms of creativity, sports, or ideas that may benefit the organization besides their field of choice.
  6. A good work ethic is paramount and a good candidate will demonstrate the respect they have for the workplace rules and regulations such as being at work on time and doing what is required of them by meeting their targets and deadlines in time.
  7. A good candidate must be able to show that they are adaptable to change and have problem-solving skills. They must prove that they are attentive to details and instructions, pro-active and need very minimal supervision to none when taking up different positions or tasks when need be.

The above details and more will be somewhat sketchy or non-existent in a bad candidate for any consideration.

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